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    浙江凯越家具制造有限公司坐落于绍兴诸暨市次坞镇临杭工业园区,公司注册资金 5000 万元 

    人民币,自建一期厂房 36000 平方米。主营生产金属餐桌椅,沙发,铸铝,藤制家具,太阳伞等 




    进口 PE 藤、进口织带、大理石、特斯材、不锈钢等优质材料生产保证了产品的使用期限,同时 


    “凯越家具”拥有 2 条大型的全自动喷塑流水线设备,对产品的电熔、喷塑的品质有了坚固的保障, 

    同时成品及原料均通过欧美市场最新的化学含量 Reach 标准及德国物理安全测试 GS 标准测试。 



    "Kaiyue Furniture" brand is carefully cast by craftsmen. Pay attention to product details, reflect the simplicity 

    of leisure, natural beauty, green materials and environmental protection. Brand icons present these thoughts and 

    artistic conceptions perfectly. 

    Zhejiang Kaiyue Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhiwu Town, Zhuji City, Shaoxing City, Linhang 

    Industrial Park. The registered capital of the company is 50 million yuan, and the first-stage factory building 

    is 36,000 square meters. Main production of metal tables and chairs, sofas, cast aluminium, rattan furniture, 

    sunumbrella and a series of high-end outdoor leisure products, all products are designed by top designers in 

    France, Germany and the United States. 

    "Kaiyue Furniture" products are designed according to the size and angle of human comfort, simple in 

    appearance, low-key and steady, without visual fatigue. Good design, practicability, economy and other elements 

    will be perfectly combined. The company's products use high-quality aviation new aluminum profiles, imported 

    PE rattan, imported ribbons, marble, Tess, stainless steel and other high-quality materials to ensure product life, 

    while providing customers with comfortable enjoyment. 

    "Kaiyue Furniture" has two large-scale automatic spraying pipeline equipment, which guarantees the quality 

    of the products. At the same time, the finished products and raw materials have passed the latest Reach standard 

    of chemical content in European and American markets and GS standard of German physical safety test. 

    The company's export products are designated by France, Germany, the United States and other well-known 

    outdoor furniture, dealer franchise agent sales; domestic mainly for the first-tier, second-tier cities in the mid-high

    end outdoor furniture agents to join. Kaiyue leisure furniture, give you a good mood.




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    地址:浙江省诸暨市次坞镇凰桐村 电话:18684979987
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